Start Small Dream Big 2020

Project BMW (Bravo! Migrant WORKERS)

Riverlife Kindergarten has adapted the theme "Bravo! Migrant Workers" as our 2020 SSDB project. It aims to use the present Covid-19 pandemic context to encourage children to show appreciation, empathy and care for the Migrant Workers in Singapore.

During Circuit Breaker period, parents worked with children to do a drawing or record a video to express appreciation and thanks to the Migrant Workers and as well as to cheer them up. The drawings and video clips were compiled together and sent to the organisations working with the Migrant Workers to present to them.

As a follow-up to the project, the teachers had a discussion with the children. They talked about the reasons why the foreign workers left their countries to work in Singapore and how did they feel working here. Next, we thought about how we could engage the children to make their learning experiences more authentic. As we were unable to reach out to the foreign workers community, we decided to get the four Indian Workers who are working and staying in church premises to represent all the foreign workers working in Singapore. Moreover, the children are also familiar with the four Indian Workers who upkeep and maintain the facilities.

The teachers and children brainstormed the food items they can bring to bless the 4 Indian workers.

The generosity and pouring of blessings for the Indian Workers were overwhelming. Some families brought Pooni rice, potatoes. Onions. Chillies, vegetables, fruit, noodles, biscuits and beverages for them. The Indian workers were happy to receive them.

To mark the closure of this project, the teachers interviewed and recorded the 4 Indian Workers who shared how they felt about receiving the gifts from the children.

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