Year 2021

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
Christian values are inculcated in curriculum at Riverlife Kindergarten.

Rebecca, mum of Faith Tan (Nursery – Love)

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
All teachers and caregivers in Riverlife Kindergarten are very caring and patient. They love the children in the way like God loves us. I admire this especially.

Justine, mum of JuAnneslea (K1 – Gentleness)

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
My child enjoys himself at school and there is always communication between the school and parents.

Alice Tham, mum of Justus Ezekiel Soh (K1 – Gentleness)

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
Safe, good learning experiences, dedicated team and it is Christian based.

Sandy Cheng, mum of Jonah Kong (K1 – Gentleness)

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
The programme is holistic and provides a good foundation for my child. The management team provides good leadership, and the teachers communicate effectively with parents.

Persis, mum of Jeremiah Soh Sho (Pre-Nursery – Joy)

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
Riverlife Kindergarten provides a holistic learning not only academics but also character building and bible values which help my daughter grows.

Christopher Gunawan, dad of Christabelle Serene Gunawan (K1 – Kindness)

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
Dedicated teaching staff and principal, well-balanced curriculum that prepares my child for primary school.

Kimberly Chew, mum of Christian Leong (K1 – Kindness)

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
Caring teachers, helpful administrator, and Principal

Noel Tay, dad of Kris Tan (K1 – Gentleness)

Share with us your experiences with Riverlife Kindergarten
This pandemic has been quite challenging for all of us. But despite of this, we are grateful for the school's effort to provide a happy and safe environment for our kids. We appreciate the constant updates and photos posted by the principal and teachers so that we are aware of our son's progress and development.

Rizzalyn Esquivel, mum of Jariz Zachray Esquivel (PN – Joy)

Share with us your experiences with Riverlife Kindergarten
I like the way the school teaches my kid on prayers, Christian songs and telling her about bible stories.

Helen Grace Jie, mum of Brooklyn Joy Solaiman (PN – Joy)

Share with us your experiences with Riverlife Kindergarten
The teachers and principal are very professional and friendly. Teachers give updates on the children's activities and upload the videos and pictures to Littlelives Family Room regularly. Parents can know the school program and curriculum.

Huang Ping Ping, mum of Deng Ji (K2 – Peace)

Share with us your experiences with Riverlife Kindergarten
Zoes loves the new outdoor dramatic play "Eatz Corner" very much! It is the thing she talks about the most.

Liz Bosman, mum of Zoe Bosman (K1 – Gentleness)

Share with us your experiences with Riverlife Kindergarten
This my 4th child in the kindergarten, so I have been with the kindergarten as a parent for 10 years. Over the past 10 years, the kindergarten never fails us. The staff and program really helped to nurture my children well. We will miss being part of the school.

Joanne Ng, mum of Aaron Ng (K2 – Peace)

Share with us your experiences with Riverlife Kindergarten
I think the school has done very well in teaching students the skills they need for their primary school education. The teachers are very caring that I did not hesitate to enroll my second child into the school.

Cassandra De Witt, mum of Caleb Gabriel Wan Zong (K2 – Peace)

Share with us your experiences with Riverlife Kindergarten
The school has been very prompt to provide timely info or updates to parents about school's happenings and covid related news.

Faith Tay, mum of Kaelyn Ng (PG – Faith)

Share with us your experiences with Riverlife Kindergarten
A wonderful place for early development of kids. Teachers are amazing and provide timely updates for the kids. Overall school management is commendable.

- Nikitha Channamadhava, mum of Ruhikaa Arvinraju (Nursery – Love)

Year 2020

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
Yes, because it has a very well balanced curriculum. My son really enjoys going to school and is very fond of his teachers. It is because of the teachers' effort and love for their students that makes Zeeshan so happy about going to school.

Mdm Nazia (Zeeshan, K1, 2020)

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
Yes. Riverlife Kindergarten has caring and understanding teachers; good programme. It provides a safe, loving and understanding environment for Kayden's growth and development. Whenever we showed Kayden the videos from school, there's always a smile from his face which says it all. We are thankful for all the teachers and staff who have contributed to his learning in different ways.

Mdm Tan Bee Cheng Anilia (Kayden Ho, Playgroup, 2020)

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
Yes the progamme is well organized and trustable teacher. My 1st son graduated in Riverlife kindergarten too. I can trust the teachers and also like the curriculum which is well balanced. Using bible story to teach children are particularly good for my sons.

Mdm Chang Eunju (Park Juahn, Pre-Nursery, 2020)

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
Teachers show genuine care and parents need not worry about the safety of child. Teachers emphasize on values and character-building. Low turn-over rate of staff.

Mdm Rae Wong (Zoe Chew, K2, 2020)

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
Nice school environment and activities planned for kids. Experienced and committed teachers and staff. Most importantly, teaching them Christian values.

Madeline Lee (Joy Loh, K2, 2020)

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
I have seen several developments in my child and she thoroughly enjoys school. The thing I like most about the school is active interaction with the teacher, who is providing regular updates and with whom we can share any concern regarding the child. This has helped especially during Covid-19 time as I felt my child was in safe hands and secure.

Namita Kashyap (Sharvi Kashyap, Pre-Nursery, 2020)

Year 2019

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
Yes, because we are satisfied with our daughter's improvement and development.

Prabha Elizabeth Kurian (Johanna Susan Jikku, Joy 2, 2019)

What is the primary reason why choose to send your child to Riverlife Kindergarten?
Lucas, his brother enjoyed school and his time in Riverlife Kindergarten.

Would you recommend Riverlife Kindergarten to others?
Yes, Lucas and Zachary enjoy school. The teachers in RLK are dedicated and took good care of the children. Overall, I am very glad to have chosen Riverlife Kindergarten as the preschool for my kids. Both my kids enjoy the time in the preschool. The teachers really love and take care of them. It is so important to know that my kids are in a safe environment, I feel so assured! I know that the teachers will impart the correct Godly values to them which are also very important to me as a parent. Really thankful to the teachers and staff of the kindergarten for all that they are doing for the children.

Melissa Yeo (Zachary Yeo, Joy 1, 2019)


We would like to thank Shayla's and Shyann's teachers for their love and kindness towards them.  Shayla had a stress free and smooth transition to this new school since day 1.  Thanks also to the Chinese teacher for guiding and patiently coaching Shayla's Chinese from a non speaking Chinese girl to now where she can comfortably converse to others in Chinese.

Shyann adapted to her preschool life in less than a week and had love going to school since then. Knowing Shyann is a difficult child to start with, we really appreciate the teachers patience and love towards her. Riverlife Kindergarten definitely provides a happy and clean environment for our 2 girls.

Mr & Mrs Gary Tan (Shyann - PN Joy 2, Shayla - K2 Peace 2)

Wing Han is our youngest child to attend Riverlife Kindergarten. Just to reaffirm the school is doing a good job as we witness a few students in earlier batches doing quite well academically and in terms of character excellence in primary schools.

Mr and Mrs Henry Tai (Wing Han - K1 Kindness 1)

Zubair really enjoys going to school. At his K2 level, sufficient things are done to prepare him for Primary 1. The curriculum is intensive and thorough. Lessons include structured learning, personal anecdotes and varied information that inculcate thinking in children.

Mr & Mrs Rajib Sen (Zubair - K2 Peace 1)

During the past 2 years, we've not only seen our son enjoy his school life but also grow academically and spiritually.

Mr & Mrs Raymond Yeo (Jovan - K2 Peace 2)

Riverlife Kindergarten is definitely one of the few kindergartens in Singapore that truly lives up to the notion of 'Holistic Education'. We are really happy that the school allows children to express their feelings.

Mr & Mrs Wilson Sia (Ethan - K2 Peace 2)

Thank you to all your dedicated staff. My daughter was very happy to go to school in spite of not being able to communicate well in English. Thank you for your patience. She had good experience in your school. She has good memories. We really appreciate all of you. Thank you!

Mr & Mrs Koga Tsutomu (Natsuki - K2 Peace 2)

My son will graduate from kindergarten this year. My wife and I are very proud of him and his kindergarten. He is a foreigner from Korea. He learned English, Mandarin and social & moral skills. I appreciate all Riverlife Kindergarten teachers very much. They always do their best in taking care of the children and teaching them. Thank you.

Mr and Mrs Lee Seung Hoon (Min Joon - K2 Peace 2)

The school's curriculum promotes creative learning and social development. The children are given good exposure through hands-on activities and field trips. My daughter enjoys going to school everyday. I would like to say 'thank you' to all the teachers for putting great effort towards teaching the children.

Mr and Mrs Mike Lim (Estelle - K1 Kindness 2)

The school is very good. My daughter learns good things often from school. She enjoys going to school. She learns discipline and also about charity.

Mr & Mrs P M Manjunatha (Smruti - Nursery Love 2)

My daughter enjoys attending Riverlife Kindergarten. From my visits to the school, I have seen first-hand how the teachers and other staff really care for the children. I feel at ease knowing that my daughter is in good hands.

Mr & Mr John Figueroa (Miya - PN Joy 2)

We are very impressed with the various field trips that allow authentic learning for even children of such young age. The teachers are highly creative. This creativity and commitment are displayed through the many concerts with meaningful theme and programmes that we have attended. Thank you Riverlife Kindergarten for giving such wonderful and memorable learning experiences for my son. The fun and laughter as a result of his love for learning and his excitement in going to school is so valuable.

Mr & Mrs Eythan Ng (Shem - K2 Peace 2)

Riverlife Kindergarten's biggest strength is in the combination of its comprehensive curriculum and its excellent teachers who execute the curriculum well. Its thematic content is entertaining, relevant and well-suited to the age-group. Teachers display great effort in relating to the children on the topics covered. There is also great creativity in lessons e.g. video screenings, food tasting, guest speakers, craftwork, etc. I must comment the excellent team spirit and synergy among the staff. The staff display fantastic staff dynamics, a very high commitment to the students and a low turnover rate.

Mr & Mrs Rajib Sen & Rasheedah Hamid (Salman Sen & Zubair Sen –
K1 Goodness 1 & Nursery Gentleness 1)

Riverlife Kindergarten is one that I would highly recommend to other parents. They have a highly committed staff and the curriculum taught follows the MOE required standards. This assures that my child will be groomed and trained to progress to the next level of primary education.

Mrs Catherine Lim (Angelina Lim – Nursery Love 2)

After 3 years at Riverlife Kindergarten, Cheryl has made a tremendous improvement in her speech and writing skills but most importantly, she has adopted a positive attitude towards learning. I can see that she is having a lot of fun in school and also learning through play, which is the essence of acquiring knowledge and learning. I must say the credit goes to all teachers who are dedicated, thoughtful and energetic, and show professionalism towards teaching the children.

Mr & Mrs Ken & Felicia Phee (Cheryl Phee – Nursery Love 2)

I would like to commend Teacher Liz Tan for her dedication and firmness in disciplining my child to better manage his emotions in school. I can see her positive influence on him. He likes her very much and even looks forward to school because of her. She has done a great job & deserves praise from parents. Mdm Yan helped my boy to overcome his reluctance to speak Mandarin through her persistence and yet gentleness. Thank you for having 2 such wonderful teachers for my boy's class. Thank you, teachers!

Mrs Grace Chen (Nicklaus Chen – K1 Kindness 1)

Riverlife Kindergarten is a well-established kindergarten in terms of school curriculum & teaching technique. It allows children to be creative & imaginative. The team of dedicated staff/teachers has provided a caring & loving environment for the children. The numerous field trips organized by the kindergarten have equipped children with additional knowledge which is beneficial & interesting.

Mr & Mrs Mak (Sewell Mak – K1 Kindness 2)

I see the teachers genuinely showing care and concern for the children and I know my children are in good hands. Thank you for providing an enjoyable and fulfilling pre-school education for my children!

Mrs Mandy Sng (James & Josh – K1 Goodness 1 & PN Joy 1)

Our children's lives are enriched by the school's programme. They are developed physically, emotionally, socially and morally. They are given good exposure through hands-on activities and field trips. It is nice that they learn to socialize with children of all races, religions and nationalities.

Mr & Mrs Roy & Priscilla Ng (Eshton & Katelyn – K1 Goodness 1 & PN Joy 1)

Thank you for everything. Our daughter likes Riverlife Kindergarten very much.

Mr & Mrs Takaharu & Megumi Funatsu (Hana Funatsu – PN Joy 2)

The school curriculum promotes creative learning and social development. Teachers are dedicated and put lots of effort in engaging children.

Mr & Mrs Sanjeev Solanki & Pradeep Kaur (Vibhi – PN Joy 1)

I would like to commend the teachers for the great effort in pulling off a fantastic year-end concert. I greatly appreciate the dedication, patience and kindness of the PN teachers in helping my son settle in quickly. The standard of art and craft work my son brought back made me really proud. This is certainly a great testimonial of the school's ingenuity in harnessing the creative streak in each child!

Mrs Carolyn Ng (Colvert Ng – Pre-Nursery Joy 1)

Thank you Riverlife Kindergarten for providing my two children with happy and fun learning years in pre-school. My girl has prepared well into primary school and even developed leadership skills at her mid-primary years. Both my children love Riverlife Kindergarten and often think back to their good old times there.

Mrs Wong Yoke Mei (Alvin Wong – K1 Kindness 1)

Our children are very happy in Riverlife Kindergarten. The (indoor and outdoor) environment is conducive, the curriculum is relevant and the teachers are dedicated in imparting knowledge the fun way.

Mr & Mrs Liu (Patrick Liu – K2 Peace 1)

Our child always speaks well of his teachers and can even recall his pre-nursery teacher's name! He always shares his enjoyable school activities with us and is always happy with them. All these show the success of the kindergarten in bringing a holistic programme to our child's first 4 years of education. He has repeatedly said that he will miss the school and is reluctant to leave Riverlife Kindergarten. Praise the Lord!

Mr & Mrs Ku (Peniel Ku – K2 Peace 1)

Praise God for using Riverlife Kindergarten as a channel of blessing for our children, in helping us to mold them not only academically, but also by giving the Biblical approach so that they will grow in God's design. We look forward for a more fun filled learning year to come for the children to enjoy.

Mr & Mrs Madrid (Josiah Madrid – K1 Kindness 2)

It has been a blessing to have both our children educated, guided and molded by such dedicated teachers in a conducive and nurturing environment.

Mr & Mrs Lim (Coen Lim – Nursery Love 1)

Teja enjoys going to school everyday. He does not want to miss even a single day of school. The teachers are friendly and helpful. He misses school during the holidays.

Mrs Bollepalli (Tejaswin – K1 Kindness 1)

We believe that the combination of thematic & integrated learning and inquiring-based learning make the child a well-rounded person – physically, emotionally, morally, socially and spiritually.

Mr & Mrs Lactaoen (Samuel Lactaoen – Nursery Gentleness 1)

There are children of different nationalities in the school. This allows children to learn to get along with people of different cultures.

Mrs Ng Yee May, Hong Kong (Ian Ng – Nursery Love 1)

The fact that James enjoys going to school proves that you've got all the right elements in the school. A good programme and curriculum will not be successful without good teachers. I think you've got them both. Well done!

Mrs Sng (James Sng – Nursery Gentleness 1)

We believe that Riverlife Kindergarten has given Eshton the confidence and security to attend school. He has made friends whom he talks about everyday. The kindergarten has instilled a sense of morality, which he displays at home as well. The phonics curriculum is well taught as Eshton can read books that are more suitable for older children. Most of all, Eshton enjoys the outdoor play. We look forward to sending our daughter to school at Riverlife Kindergarten next year.

Mr and Mrs Ng (Eshton Ng – Nursery Gentleness 1)

My wife and I are so happy that our kids are enjoyed preschool at Riverlife Kindergarten. It's not easy to send our first child to school but seeing her adapting well in Riverlife Kindergarten is comforting. She is happy as a lark. She has so many positive things to talk about school, friends, teachers and the activities. And we know we have you (teachers) and principal to thank for the fun activities you plan, the room you decorate and the friendship you help foster. It's all incredible and commendable.

Now that our 2nd child is in the pre-nursery, we are confident that he will be in good hands of this group of dedicated teachers. The trust and confidence will definitely get things off our chest.

We are thankful and truly appreciate your hardwork, patience, love and devotion. To us…Riverlife Kindergarten is a standard bearer for preschool education. Kudos to you and keep up the excellent works.

Mr and Mrs Yap ( Dyllis of Nursery love 1 & Dylan of Pre-Nursery Joy 1)

"Teachers are the main assets of Riverlife Kindergarten. They usually go an extra mile in giving updates to parents. I appreciate teachers' efforts in observing a child's behaviour and constant communication to parents all in the hope to improve the child's moral behaviour. Efforts are also made to get the children ready for their academic development. Classroom is tastefully done up and tidy which is important as it helps to cultivate good habits for the children."

Mrs & Mrs Wilson Tong (Elkan Tong of Nursery Love 2)

"The outdoor play with bicycles, cars and playhouse is unique for a pre-school. It is usually the childcare centres that would offer play-time for the kids. This component of play is important to the young kids as they get restless easily and this helps them burn some energy as well. I believe play gives them lots of chances to learn and Riverlife surely knows that cos' the activities are all done in fun and creative ways and this makes learning a fun experience. The teachers and principals are great; they know every kid! Great job!"

Mr & Mrs Chen (Nicklaus Chen of Pre-Nursery Joy 2)

"Thank you Principal, staff and teachers at Riverlife Kindergarten. Our son, Benjamin Aw has indeed grown up so well under the dedicated hands of the teachers. Ben fully enjoyed his 3 formative years at your kindergarten. He knows he's going to miss all of you dearly when he goes on to Primary School next year. Thank you once again. We're very heartened to know that we have placed our son Ben (or sons –his brother Bryan Aw will be joining next year) in the 'RIGHT' kindergarten. The kindergarten has good programmes, kind, patient and dedicated teachers and very hands-on and passionate principal too! They are good role models for the kids to follow. Keep it up!"

Mr & Mrs Donald Aw (Benjamin Aw of K2 Peace 2)

"The teachers are great and the facilities are excellent. The kindergarten gives my child a wonderful and enjoyable learning experience. Our child showed great progress in sociability and learning. Thank you very much!"

Mr & Mrs Edwin Villegas (Jed Cedric Villegas of Nursery Love 2)

"I've always had the highest confidence in Riverlife Kindergarten's ability to nurture my children during their crucial preschool years and still do. The staffs at Riverlife feel more like family to me. My children are always safe in the hands of the school. Each child at Riverlife is recognised for their individuality and given due attention. Keep up the good work!"

Mr & Mrs James Kunze (Isaiah Ryan Kunze of Nursery Love 2 & Elijah Kunze ex-student)

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