Corporate Information

  • Riverlife Kindergarten was established in 2000.
  • Riverlife Kindergarten provides Pre-school education for children aged 2 ½ to 6 years old.

Registration Procedures

Qns : How can I register my child?
Ans : You may submit the registration form at our kindergarten office or download the registration form from our kindergarten website then email it to us at office@riverlifekindergarten.org.sg
Qns : Can I register my child via telephone?
Ans : We do not accept registration via telephone.
Qns : Do I have to make my payment upon registration?
Ans : Payment has to be made once the office confirms a vacancy for your child. Cheque to be made payable to "Riverlife Kindergarten"
Qns : At what age can I register my child?
Ans : Registration is based on year of birth. Parents can register their child for playgroup when he/she turns 18 months old.

**All registration fees paid to the Kindergarten are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Enrolment Procedures

Qns : What are the eligibility criteria for enrollment?
Ans : Enrollment is on a first-come-first-serve basis and priority will be given to siblings of our students subject to:
  • The child is of minimum age required for entry into the Kindergarten.
  • Availability of vacancy in the child's intended class
  • The child is capable of verbal communication
  • The child is toilet-trained for Nursery program
  • The child is a Singapore citizen/PR or has a valid student / dependent pass
Qns : What are the payments to be made upon confirmation of enrollment?
Ans : (1) Registration fee ($50)
(2) Deposit ($200)
(3) School fees
  • $1000 for Playgroup
  • $940 for Pre-Nursery
  • $890 for Nursery/K1/K2
(4) Insurance premium ($3)
(5) School uniform ($22 per set)
(6) Cheque to be made payable to "Riverlife Kindergarten"
Qns : What are the charges?
Ans : Please refer to our fee structure.
Qns : Is there a trial period?
Ans : No
Qns : Will there be an orientation for new parents?
Ans : There will be 3 days orientation for parents from Pre-Nursery and Nursery classes in the new academic year.
Qns : Will there be a refund of school fees should a child fall ill or go on vacation?
Ans : There will be no refund as the child's name is maintained in the class register and a place is reserved for the child.
Qns : Will there be a refund if I wish to withdraw my child after making payment?
Ans : Registration fee and deposit will be forfeited (Please also refer to withdrawal procedures).

Withdrawal Procedures

Qns : How do I withdraw my child?
Ans : A WRITTEN NOTICE is required for withdrawal from school. Deposit of $200 will be refunded if notice is served during the first five weeks of the term (there are ten weeks in each term). However, deposit will be forfeited if notice is served from sixth week of the term. Deposit can be used to offset the school fee for the last term of school. Please take note that there will be no refund once payment has been made.
Qns : Can I withdraw my child via telephone or oral notice?
Ans : NO ORAL NOTICE WILL BE ACCEPTED. The deposit will be forfeited without prejudice in the absence of a valid written notice for withdrawal.

Withdrawal from Enrichment Courses

Qns : Can I get a refund if I withdraw my child from enrichment courses?
Ans : There is no refund once payment has been made.

Mode of payment

Qns : What is the mode of payment for my child's school fees?
Ans : School fees are deducted by CDA or GIRO on a termly basis. Parents are to maintain sufficient fund in their bank accounts for fee deduction to avoid paying penalty charge for failed deduction.

Health & Safety

Qns : What will the Kindergarten do when a child falls sick?
Ans : (1) Teachers / Principal will attend to the child's need
(2) Isolate the child to allow the child to rest in the office
(3) Parents will be notified to bring the child home or to consult a doctor.
Qns : What measures does the Kindergarten take if there is an outbreak of infectious disease?
Ans : (1) Circular will be sent out to parents.
(2) Isolate child contracted with infectious disease and inform parents immediately
(3) Kindergarten will observe good hygiene standards.
(4) Eliminate communal activities and assembly.
(5) Conduct health-check daily till the outbreak season is over.
(6) Child should be certified fit to return to school by a medical practitioner.
(7) Undertake daily cleaning and disinfection of toys, materials and equipment used by the children.
Qns : How is my child protected from other children?
Ans : Health-checks are carried out when children arrive school. Children who are found to be sick or having ulcer in their mouth will be sent home.

Birthday Celebration

Qns : Can my child celebrate his/her birthday in school?
Ans : Yes. The office and class teacher are to be informed at least one week in advance of your intended date.
Qns : Can I give goodie bags to my child's friends during birthday celebration?
Ans : Goodie bags are not allowed during birthday celebration.
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